This is the first stop for everyone who wants to join. Everything in here is a must read.
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Accounts and Registration
  1. When registering an account, please make sure you are using your character's first and last name as your user name. If you mess up, you should be able to change your username in your User Control Panel. If you have trouble, contact a member of the Administration team so they can change it for you. If your character does not have a last name, then just use your character's first name. Last names are not required for characters to have.
  2. Please use one account per character. For every character you would like to play, you need to make a new account. We do not limit how many characters you can play so long as you can keep them all active. We have a cool little feature in your User Control Panel where you can link all of your accounts for easy transitioning.
  3. You are able to register several accounts with the same email address. There is no limit.
  4. Please read the Rules before you register an account.
  5. Avatars may be 150x150 pixels.
Character Profile
  1. Full Name, Age, Gender, Physical Appearance, Personality, and History are required.
  2. Please make sure you copy and paste the code in the Profile Sheet into a new topic located in the Character Registration board.
  3. You are welcome to add an image of your character. You are also welcome to alter the sheet for formatting or to add information.
  4. Age is relative. You're welcome to use numerical years and/or months, but we prefer simply adult or pup.
  5. As far as Physical Appearance, Personality, and History are concerned, like everything else, we prefer quality over quantity.
  6. One profile sheet is required per character. Please fill it out and make sure it's accepted before you start role playing. Once it's accepted, your post will be moved into the Approved board.
  7. While are are a semi-realistic wolf role play site, we prefer realistic looking characters. By this, we mean realistic coat and eye colors, no wings, no elements, et cetera. Some odd marking is fine, but please don't go overboard.
  1. No god moding, power playing, or meta gaming. God moding is acting as a god, not taking the proper damage, auto-hitting, et cetera. Power playing is controlling the actions, thoughts, or feelings of another character. Meta gaming is your character somehow magically knowing information they were never told while in character (a note on this; some information about the Realm and Veghrishi's history may be known by your character without having to be told in character, as per the plot line).
  2. We do not have any minimum word count. We prefer quality over quantity. If you are a beginner role player, that's ok. We want to be a welcoming community and are absolutely willing to help you better your role playing skills.
  3. Do not take anything that happens in character personally. On the opposite side of the coin, please do not take something that happens out of game into character.
  4. Age is relative and time is liquid. Your character will never die because of old age here unless you want them to. Additionally, if you wish to kill a character you absolutely must gain the player's permission first. Fatal damage done during fights do need to be healed by a healer.
  5. We are a one-pack site at the moment. If you have a plot line that involves more than one pack, feel free to take it to the Administration team or the Suggestions, Comments, Questions board.
  6. No graphic mating or birthing. Please fade to black.
  7. Please play your character's pregnancy out in at least three threads. I know it's hard to wait. If you really just can't wait, please throw a message to Veghrishi just so she has a heads up and knows you're entirely too antsy to get to the cute puppies.
  1. The only mated rank is the Alpha pair. Sub Alpha, Alpha Heir, and Legend are reserved ranks. All other ranks are based on dominance.
  2. Fights may break out over any reason, including mates, rank, and food. A qualifying wolf must be present to judge any fights that break out over rank and mates. Ranks that may be challenged and fought for will be listed here, in the Expanded part of the hierarchy.
  3. If a fight has broken out over rank, the winner will take that rank. If a fight has been broken out over mates, the winner has won mating rights. In both cases, please make sure you keep us updated by posting up in the Pack Information board so we know what the outcome was. I'm going to note, just for the sake of some in character drama, there is technically no rule that states that you have to stay with someone that has just won mating rights with your character.
  4. Betrothals are a thing here. Parents are welcome to betroth their offspring until they are two years of age. This will remain the parents' choice as to whether or not they wish to do this.
  5. Joining fights are definitely a thing. In order to join the Realm, you will probably be subject to a joining fight. The winner will be permitted entry, while the loser is welcome to try again. In rare instances, both have been permitted entry. In even rarer instances, a joining fight (sometimes) is not required (unless your character was born into Great Ebony Realm, in which case a joining fight will never be required).
  6. The above pack rule leads me into this; joining this site as a pup, pregnant female, or injured wolf will not get you out of a joining fight. You may also not join as a wolf whom has been born into the Realm without your character actually having been born here, or without getting express permission from Veghrishi.
  7. High ranks are not up for grabs. They are handed out as rewards for dominance. The only ranks that can be first come, first served are Warrior, Hunter, Scout, Healer, and Sitter (their Lead counterparts are not, they will be handed out to the best of the bunch).
  8. It is expected of every member of the pack to bow to wolves ranked above them.
  9. Direct eye to eye contact is considered a challenge.


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